Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and our client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance our client’s leadership or management performance and development.

Our coaching approach focuses on helping an individual “learn what it takes” for him or her to improve existing capabilities, set meaningful goals, and be accountable for his or her results. Through this approach we help an individual understand and eliminate barriers to more effective performance.

Prior to every E-Cue Coaching Program we complete a free strategy session and report. The strategy session helps you decide if you want to go ahead with a full program. Furthermore, the coach can assess the type and extent of your work challenges and determine which duration of program is right for you.

Coaching Topic Examples

– Thinking Strategically & Creatively
– Personal Style Issues
– Building Confidence
– Relationship Management
– Effective Communication & Influencing Strategies
– Conflict Resolution
– Personal Goal Setting – Short & Long Term
– De-Stressing and Managing Self
– Positive Coping Strategies
– Family Goals
– Organising Self & Surrounds
– Leadership Skills
– Identifying and Planning for Your Ideal Job

Together with the help of Peter, your skilled coach, you will be shown how to set specific goals and form a practical plan to ensure you gain motivation, excitement and importantly momentum to keep going until you reach your desired outcome. Your Coach believes in your ability to achieve this. To unlock your door to success click here Build.Broaden.Become

Click here for an overview of the E-Cue Coaching Program Ecue.Program.1.Pager

Click here for “Renew YOU! Love your life” – 90 Day Coaching Program Structure Renew YOU! Coaching Program

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