This week I experienced the vicarious power of learning.

Does this sound familiar, “times are tough, we had to let people go, we had to cut our training budgets, morale has taken the inevitable dive, staff engagement is low” and, people are stressed. These are almost the exact words a client of mine told me about their business after I finished facilitating an introductory presentation skills workshop. This was the third workshop in a series of four over a two month period. I’ve been encouraged by the enthusiasm and participation of the people attending.

I learned from the client that there has been positive feedback about the program; participants are learning skills and enjoying the experience. The client also commented that the program is providing benefits beyond the skills that they are learning. Benefits that they did not anticipate. Participants are demonstrating renewed energy in the workplace, increased communication and connection across the business, and a general lifting of the mood. Needless to say a very happy client.


So the message here is that in ‘downtimes’, even the smallest investment in learning and development can deliver returns beyond expectations.

Food for thought?