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Not quite at the Federal level yet. We have to wait until September. However, in facilitating a Mentor Workshop yesterday for a group of 20 executive leaders from a global company, when asked who has benefitted from having a mentor the vote was unanimous – all 20 responded in favour of having a mentor(s).

You cannot do it alone.

Gold nuggets from this session:image

  • Everyone including the organisation benefits.
  • The program needs senior management support.
  • There needs to be an internal ‘champion’ of the program.
  • Mentors and mentees needs training in roles, responsibilities.
  • Mentees needs to own and drive the process.
  • Mentees need to to be open to constructive feedback.
  • It is based on a mutual relationship.
  • Mentors,often quite senior people, needs awareness of their perceived ‘power’ and be open and approachable.
  • Having a signed development and action plan validates the arrangement and engender commitment.
  • Mentoring does not always have to be formal. Sometimes informal or ‘organic’ mentoring can be just as or more effective.
  • Mentoring is about passing on wisdom.
  • It is a key process for developing people.
  • Mentoring is a proven method for improving employee engagement and retention.

The Big 3:

1. It is a mutual relationship
2. There needs to be structure and discipline
3. There must be ‘will’ from both parties

How do you vote?image